Rate Plans

Every business is unique. We acknowledge your requirements.  To accommodate your needs, IBA offers two types of payment plans.  For each plan, you are billed only for the time spent directly related to your task.

The Hourly Plan:

The hourly plan is typically for the client who is new to the concept of using a VA.  You may prefer to start with the hourly plan to see how partnering with a VA benefits your particular business.  When utilizing this plan, clients pay for services based on an agreed upon hourly rate.  Billing is calculated in 15-minute increments with a one hour minimum.  There is no minimum number of hours required after the first hour of service.

The Retainer Plan:

The monthly retainer plan is perfect for the business that requires ongoing support.  Retainer fees are due in advance of services provided.  Payment is due at the beginning of the month.  Any unused hours will not carry over to the next month.  Retainer plans are non-refundable.  The Retainer Plan guarantees your business a set number of IBA service hours per month.  Those purchased hours are set aside for your business each month, assuring efficient and effective results.  This plan allows us to form a collaborative relationship that will enable your business to prosper.

Additional Fees:

Any expenses incurred specific to a client’s needs, including but not limited to: postage, letterhead, envelopes, long distance calls and proprietary software are billed to the client above the hourly/retainer rate.

Payment is accepted via company check or credit card using PayPal.


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